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Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference

Hemp is a plant from the Cannabis family. It is a strain from the Cannabis Sativa plant species with a rich history in industrial materials, food and health-related uses. It is one of the fastest growing plants and various parts of it are used for a range of products, including medicine, food, clothing, rope and natural health supplements.

Hemp & Marijuana look the same, but the main difference is the psychoactive amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) found in the plant.

Marijuana has anywhere from 15%-30% THC, while hemp has 0.1%-0.7% THC, depending on the strain. Hemp also contains around 13%-20% CBD (Cannabidiol).

High CBD strains tend to have clear-headed, functional effects without the euphoric high associated with high THC strains. They’re typically preferred by consumers who are extremely sensitive to the side effects of THC (e.g. anxiety, paranoia, dizziness). A high CBD strain would also be a great choice for someone needing to medicate throughout the day in order to control pain, inflammation, anxiety, or other chronic conditions, and still be able to function.

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