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Hemp as in nature


Drop of Life was established in 2018 as a small family owned business, creating CBD products for loved ones in need of natural medicine for different health purposes. Working with local farmers and business partners in Southern Oregon, we soon all became one big family working towards the same cause. All home-made, we have created recipes for oils, salves, balm, anti-aging creams and gummies. All of our products are made from organic materials with lots of love!

We work with multiple leading labs in cannabis testing and scientific research to get the best and most accurate results, to guarantee our customers and clients the highest quality for maximum results.

Our mission is to inform people around the world about the health benefits of the hemp plant and its multiple uses, ranging from medical purposes to clothing and building materials.

It is our vision to see our families, friends and communities living healthy, strong and independent lives.


Drop of Life is a natural CBD based health product service that provides personal consulting for people who have specific needs worldwide, and seek an alternative solution, during an era that is bringing awareness to the benefits of natural plant-based medicine.

Made by the People we Love

We are proud to have an amazing family working as a team towards our shared


Our Professionals

We work with multiple leading labs in the cannabis industry for testing and scientific research to get the best and most accurate results. It is in our highest priority to guarantee our customers and community the highest quality possible.

Drop of life provides natural medicine to those seeking consultation in a professional culture with a trusting voice. Helping them feel satisfied and happy.

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